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Winter warmers


Winter warmers

Hi Guys hope you are all keeping safe and warm the weather is unpredictable at the moment. It is getting colder so perhaps you had better start to look for something special for your nether regions they do COME in all sizes and colours, get Grandma to knit you one for your birthday.

Since the 20th century, willy warmers are usually made as novelties and joke gifts rather than to serve a functional purpose. The Willy Warmer is the perfect aid to defeat shrinkage and keep the privates warm for when it is really cold outside. Brrr. On the other hand I could warm it up for you!!

I did have a friend who used to come and see me every Xmas time to let me see his new Willie Warmer apparently he saved them and has about forty of them and very proud of the fact. As I rather liked him I tried to knit one for him (not happening) had to go to the sex shop and buy one, then lied told him I made it myself. He was happy and so was I, funny though I never saw him again, that was the end of my knitting career

There are many words that can be used for a mans penis The following are just a few, there are many more I am sure you will know them perhaps we can discuss it when I see you.

  • phallus.
  • cock.
  • dick.
  • pecker.
  • peter.
  • prick.

What if you don’t have a Willie? that is another story.

Ashley Stay warm with me xxx

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