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Trashy or Classy


Trashy or Classy

Hi Peeps hope you are all staying safe. Miss you all.

Now the weather is hot hot hot. And that is how I feel too, in different ways you will have to pay me a visit to find out!!

While we’re all for showing a little skin and flaunting that hot bod of ours, I also think what suits me colours and styles are very important to a lady so before you head out to enjoy the surf, sand and sun take a good look in the mirror

There are so many swimsuits and bikinis to chose from I am in a quandary over it. I do have some swimwear but they are so last year its out with the old and in with the new, in many ways in my life.

Classy: A flowy summer dress
I am a HUGE dress wearer. Its the best way to feel feminine, sexy and pretty but more importantly keep cool during the summer. Let your girly side out and have fun! Now that summer is here, the fashion is changing. Skirts and shorts are getting shorter, dresses are flowing freely, and that bikini you have been working so hard to show off is finally ready to be worn.

Classy: Showing Some Leg
I am all for showing off your legs. It’s summer, it’s hot and you have worked hard to tone those suckers so I am all for shorts this time of year. Plus they have so many different styles and colors to choose from you can have a lot of fun with.

Trashy: Showing Leg, Ass, And everything in between
Showing off your legs is one thing, but I feel like this should go without saying. If you can feel a breeze they are too short.

Ashley A shout out to all the beautiful women who dont need to dress half naked to get a mans attention. STAY CLASSY sometimes with a bit of Sassy it works for me xx

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