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The Vamp


The Vamp

Hi all my loyal friends hope you are safe in these turmoil times. Take care and hope to meet again soon.

The Vamp tries to achieve her hidden purpose by using feminine wiles such as beauty, charm, or sexual allure, Sometimes it works sometimes it does not!!

A Seductive Woman, who uses her sexual attractiveness for the seduction and manipulation of others; Sexual teasing. A Femme Fatale bombshell seductive and hot.

What was a vamp in the 1920s?
Thanks to the 1920s the lives of women have been forever changed. A Vamp was the combination of the Flapper and a more erotic behavior of women. Flappers had a limit to where they would care about their liberal behavior, but Vamps didn’t not have a limit. Vamps were more daring and more Rebellious

What is the difference between a flapper and a vamp?
A flapper is a women who is fashion forward, care free, and love to be social. Flappers are willing to push social boundaries, but only to a point. Vamps are willing to go all the way. I must be a Vamp wanting to be a flapper or is it the other way round.

A woman that can suck you dry financially, emotionally or otherwise you chose

Ashley A Vamp or a Flapper that is for me to know and you to find out xx

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