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Summer Loving


Summer Loving

Hot summer sun, less clothing, and more sex. While some argue that summer sex is the absolute worst, I find most of my friends say that sex during the summer months was actually their favorite. I’m pretty partial to it, myself.

So, many people obviously love getting it on when the weather’s hot. But have you ever wondered why. It’s all thanks to the sun’s mood boosting power. Sunlight has been shown to have an association with serotoning, a key neurotransmitter in the ability to experience pleasure, Mature Escorts certainly do that.

The production of melatonin begins to orchestrate the breeding/mating season in many species (Not sure about the breeding bit). I do not normally breed but I do not mind a bit of mating. It has a direct connection with the retina to pick up changes in the light, and also connects with the pituitary (to trigger gonadal/sexual development in many species) and the genitals. We humans don’t have a mating season; we breed all year long. But increasing light does give us a sunny personality and more energy and optimism—all of which could increase our sexuality. No problem there I have ice cubes and various cold concoctions to cool you down after the mating Join Me. I like a cocktail or two.

Also love to wear Sexy Sun Glasses (we must look after our eyes) I feel very stylish in sun glasses but not cheap 5 dollar imitations it has to be the real McCoy.

I like the leopard print it makes me feel animalistic especially in the boudoir

Ashley My future is so bright I gotta wear shades xx

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