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Suited and Booted


Suited and Booted

Meaning it is an informal British saying for smartly dressed.

Hi my loyal blog readers hope all is well with you and you are safe from the violence and the Covid 19. The truth is life still goes on for most of us no mater what happens.

Just thinking of an event before lockdown, I was invited to an event on how to manage your day to day affairs. I know sounds rather boring and to be frank it was except for one thing the speaker, when he arrived I was smitten, you see I do like a man in a suit or out of a suit the two go hand in hand. It’s linked to affluence and maturity and resonates with memories of times when men became more serious and ‘stepped up to the plate’ like weddings and funerals or business-led events.” “The man’s posture and movement tend to be enhanced and restricted by the cut of the suit and the shirt that often goes with it.

Suits are fashionable at the moment, popular with young and old alike. A man in a suit projects himself as someone who is successful and reliable. This suggests that he is good boyfriend material. Wearing a suit for a profile photo shows that the man takes care and pride in his appearance. Thus, he must take pride in other aspects of his life, including his relationships!

Apart from all that I just think men look sexy in a suit this is not sexist talk its truthful talk. Having said this some men look sexy in anything it’s the aura about a person to.

Ashley Fashion fades style is eternal xx

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