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Smile with your eyes


Smile with your eyes

Finding a date isn’t easy for many people. Sure, you Imagine if you’re some kind of introvert, or CHUD, or a shut-in of an Internet comedy writer … are you supposed to join online forums and talk about your love of animals and bug collecting until the one day someone who bathes regularly and doesn’t have night terrors about “the institute” signs up and says hello to you?

Heck no! You’re supposed to exploit every single quirk and oddity science says can help you be more appealing to help you find at least one human who won’t fall asleep every time you start talking about your theories on the similarities between Warhammer and Pokemon. Yes, there are scientifically tested ways to be more appealing. Yes, they are more surprising and varied than the old reliable put on a nice smelling fragrance so people think you smell good. Yes, they’re a lot easier than you think. For instance …


Guys, what’s your first reaction when you see a hot lady person across the pudding line? Do you drop your eyes like a palsied eagle dropping eggs, or do you flash your pearly whites in an electrifying grin that would make even the most pious of nuns quiver? Well, it better be the former, because the latter isn’t nearly as charming as you think.

Scientists have pinpointed more than 50 types of smiles, and research suggests that the sincerest smile of all is the Duchenne smile this smile has been described as smizing, as in smiling with the eyes, a smile that pushes up into the eyes. The reason it’s more genuine is because the muscles needed to smile with our eyes are involuntary; they only become engaged in an authentic smile, not in a courtesy smile. Also, if you look at someone and then smile, it will instantly charm them. On the other side of things, it turns out smiling women are the bee’s knees to most men

_ Ashley A smile is the best thing you can wear if you do not have a smile I will give you one of mine xx_

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