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Rock with the Socks


Rock with the Socks

Hi all you lovers of toes and socks or just lovers!! I have a friend who loves sucking toes and loves white socks (It’s a virginal thing). Stay safe with or without socks. Sock fetishes are becoming a new trend as many people are now earning money from their worn and dirty socks online.

The white socks can, but don’t have to be dirty . The socks can but don’t have to be chewed sucked on licked smelled or fondled. On occasion, shoes can be worn with the socks, though this is not necessary. Everyone knows toes are the sexiest part of the foot. Therefore, toe socks are the sexiest kinds of sock fetishes.

When one (usually men) become aroused by the site of women ( or mens ) socks or sock covered feet. Merely the sight of socks is enough to turn on someone suffering from a sock fetish. In extreme cases, the sight of socks could kill anyone with a sock fetish, from a massive orgasm overload.

There are multiple things you can do with toe socks. You can play this little piggy with them. You can put your fingers between the toes and pretend you’re holding hands… with a foot. You can put the toes in your mouth and suck on them (which will probably involve taking off the sock, which sort of defeats the purpose). You can stick your dick stick between the toes and rock the socks off.

For some people, socks on people just aren’t all that sexy. That’s why they invented, the sock puppet fetish. The sock puppet fetish originally began when someone was watching Sesame Street and thought, that Grover is pretty hot! From there the people began making their own sock puppets.

Creating your own sock puppet,
is not that hard. All you need is a sock, a sultry, sexy, silky soft sock. Glue some little googly eyes on it. Maybe draw on a smile. Now you have your sock puppet. What most people with sock puppet fetishes do is set their sock puppet on their boom stick and let the sock puppet jump up and down on it, until they feel satisfied. This is how you fall in love with your sock Puppet.

Ashley. Life is to short to wear matching socks, If everyday is a gift todays gift is socks let me sock it to you xx

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