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Hi Guys and Girls hope you are all surviving the storm!! I read this today and found it interesting as I am. Fan of Burlesque. Hope you enjoy it. You can watch her documentary on you tube.

Legendary burlesque performer Tempest Storm dies age 93: ‘Queen of Erotic Dancers’

Dated Elvis Presley, had her 44DD breasts insured for $1MILLION and put on shows until she was in her 80s ‘bringing the art of striptease to the masses. Tempest Storm passed away in Las Vegas Tuesday following a short illness She was born Annie Blanche Banks in Eastman, Georgia before she set out for Hollywood at the age of 16 She said she wanted to be the best and not just a flash in the pan.

By her early 20s, Storm had become the highest-paid burlesque dancer in the country, famed for her raunchy routines and voluptuous frame Storm was married three times and had a short-lived romance with Elvis Presley The bombshell once lived next door to Marilyn Monroe and even alleged she had an affair with JFK. Storm continued to perform as a burlesque dancer into her 80s, doing private shows as late as 2014

Storm had a successful stage career spanning more than six decades, and was still headlining shows in Sin City into her 80s. The busty beauty became a Las Vegas legend, dubbed ‘the Queen of Erotic Dancers’. She boasted famous friends including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and Marilyn Monroe.

‘You need to be sexy and tease the audience,’ she stated. ‘Make them believe that they are a part of your life at that time. I’ve been around more than 60 years and had the longest career of anyone in the business. There’s nothing I haven’t done, I’ve been through it all. Storm was working as a cocktail waitress when her voluptuous frame attracted the attention of stage manager Lilian Hunt. Storm subsequently began a career in burlesque, and quickly became the highest-paid dancer in the country.

Storm claimed the secret to her success was being sexy and classy at the same time.

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