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Love is in the air


Love is in the air

Guys and Gals hope you are staying safe. All this talk of flights being cancelled and not being allowed to fly to certain places. Brought back memories of some of my friends who joined the Mile High Club. Men and women who have had sex while flying in an airplane.

Are you a member of the mile high club? Not yet, but dying to be in it. Dig getting down in less than conventional spaces? You’re not alone. Having sex in a small space can be hot, spontaneous, and just the right amount of wrong. Small spaces are great for both enhancing intimacy and cultivating a sense of adventure, The sex itself can sometimes be challenging, though, and I would not necessarily depend upon having an orgasm, especially if you are sneaking in a quickie. When having sex in a confined space, the position you choose is key: If you are fantasizing about, say, breaking in your new Prius adult style, try a sitting version of reverse cowgirl. I do not think it still goes on as Covid is here and masks must be worn, although the age old saying goes while there is a will there is a way, good luck with that.

Ashley Have fun anyway when you can It does not all happen in the sky. Come down to earth you know where I am. Xx

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