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Lady in Red


Lady in Red

If Getting a date is as easy as flashing a little red? Count me in.

Apparently men go gaga over a woman in red. In fact, a study I read found that a lady in red is more likely to be asked out on a date and that men find women wearing the shade more attractive—and that they’re completely unaware of the bewitching effect the shade has on them. Red Makes Men hot

Here’s how I use it to my advantage and update my look with the sexy color

Little Red Dress. Don’t get me wrong nothing can replace the signature LBD (Little Black Dress) in our closets but sometimes a girl craves something a little more head-turning.

If you’re going red, go all out in a va-va-voom cut. The banded cap-sleeve frock is short and sweet, with a thigh-grazing, curve-hugging silhouette guaranteed to turn heads. I tried this one on during a recent shopping trip and surprisingly it did.

Although I do like Red Hair it is not the colour for me The sexy associations with fiery red hair have been around for a while I love to colour of my hair Honey Blonde and what a honey I am.

Crimson Lips always make me feel extra saucy confident and Glamorous it is always a plus if I can manage to make the lipstick stay put through the second martini or my favourite Strawberry Cheesecake yummy.

Dress Shabbily they remember the dress, dress impeccably they remember the woman

Ashley Shye today your lady in Red xx

Lady in Red


Lady in Red

Hi Guys and Gals are you all ready for Christmas? I have managed to be prepared this year under the circumstances so lets all pull a cracker on Christmas Day so it starts the day with a bang!!

I always like to dress in Red on Christmas Day underwear and dress I like to be prepared for any eventuality. All my Christmas balls are dangling (from the tree) and my tinsel is twinkling I have some amazing sexy games to play but not on my own hint hint. I also was given a bunch of mistletoe which I have above my front door, expecting kisses (of course)

Why do we kiss under the mistletoe?
One of the more common meanings is that mistletoe is seen as a symbol of fertility and life – and that this could be why we hope to get a kiss if we stand underneath the thing is how long do we have to stand underneath it before we get a kiss ???

When a males pants, shorts, or any garment covering the penis is pulled extra tight against his member. The male version of camel toe.

Hey Sally, check out that guy over there in that speedo. He is sporting a mean mistletoe.

Moving away from the mistletoe kiss stuff lets concentrate on my dress to greet Santa Claus. I have been a good girl (well most of the time) so I want to look special, I have a dilemma sexy or saintly that is the question, I have chosen so if my friends visit me they will find out, I have the tinsel to wrap around you and we can roast the chestnuts (ouch).

Ashley: Merry Christmas I have something you can open early xx

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