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It's that time again


It's that time again

Happy Valentines Hi to you romantic fools (not all of us but some) another year gone, out come the cards and pressies. I hope and look forward to seeing you on this day I definitely will be in Sexy Red underwear come and see my Fruity Booties. Anoint me with perfume you will be well rewarded.

I’m sure I will get different answers from different friends and they’ll all be guesses, because being-turned-on is a “lizard brain” reaction. But here are my guesses, which may reveal more about me. Decades of experiences have conditioned me to associate lingerie especially Red with sensual encounters. So seeing lingerie or even thinking about it evokes sexual thoughts in my mind. Thats what I am here I like to look sexy.

The hottest lingerie, to me my personal taste of course tends to be richly colored: bright reds, deep blacks, etc. . Rich, strong colours especially reds and black.

I associate such colors with danger in nature: dark caverns, lava flows, blackest midnight, blazes following a strike of lightening.

When I wear red you know it means danger, can you handle it!

Ashley I am unique visit me on Valentine’s Day I will make your knees go weak xx

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