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It's not so bad..


It's not so bad..

Hi Friends hope you are all ok. I thought the other day I am going to relax and smooch about the house and eat yummy things after hunting about I realised there were not any Yummy things to eat so sitting on the sofa eating cheesecake was out but all was not lost I still had some Champagne a friend had brought round earlier, Yippee.

I had a day to myself so I made myself comfortable on the sofa and just chilled, for me this is not always something I enjoy, being alone for too long but every now and again I enjoy it as I know it will not last. Being an extrovert (me) does not mean that you aren’t capable of enjoying your own company. Even if you naturally seek the company of a crowd, you can learn how to enjoy a little time to yourself now and then.

It is important to remember that being alone and loneliness are two very different things. Loneliness involves being isolated despite wanting social connections, where being alone means taking time for yourself between regular social interactions.

Whether you are an introvert who thrives on solitude or a gregarious extrovert who loves to socialize, a little high-quality time to yourself can be good for your overall well-being. The trick is to remember that this alone time is for focusing on you—for cultivating your passions, finding new inspirations, getting to know yourself better, or even engaging in some much-needed rest and relaxation. Even when you are busy.

Where extroverts often dislike being alone, introverts tend to prefer it. Of course, just because you tend to be introverted does not mean that you want to be alone all the time.

Ashle.y Time to drink Champagne and dance on the table, anyone like to join me? xx

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