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Head over heels


Head over heels

Hi my lovely companions and friends hope we are all staying safe as possible.

Have you heard the saying head over heels it usually means people in love but that is not the only explanation for this particular saying. When you’re head over heels, you’re confused or thrown off by something. People say they’re head over heels in love when they feel disoriented and swept up by their romantic feelings. I am sure some of us have been in love but not all of us head over heels.

To get to my story I wanted to add some class to my boudoir because shopping is very limited I went on line for a new head board for my bed, I did have Red in mind as I think it is a sexy color, I of course rang up my girlies for some guidance and grey seemed to be the in color at the moment, not really into grey, to me it does not seem a sexy color and I really like sexy colours and sex and I am certainly not a grey person I am Red and a tiger in the bedroom Grrr.

The end of the story is I ordered a grey one and I am very happy with it so grey is here to stay, your welcome to try it out someday!!

Ashley What do I wear in bed well Chanel number 5 of course xx

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