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Girls versus Boys


Girls versus Boys

Hi All hope you are well I know you boys have lots of fun on your boys night out but us girlies have a good time too. I love my male friends and like to see them but I love a good girlies night out.

You know those nights when you’re expecting to have a little bit of fun, but end up having so much fun that your voice is hoarse, your feet hurt, and go to bed way too late? I like those nights

Which friend are you when you have a girls night out? I am the “Woo girl”, you know, “WOOOOO!”. I love that we are so diverse and have different personalities, and that’s what makes it so much fun. Regardless of your personality, we all need a fun girl’s night out. We know that making time for friendships is important. We know there are benefits to our physical health, mental health, confidence, happiness, and sense of self. There are so many reasons why we love a fun girls night out.

Reasons to have a good night out A Little Break You need a break! Work, home, social media… gets exhausting. Having a girls night out is a great stress reliever, especially because of the emotional connection. Chatter Chatter Speaking of emotional connection, we need our girl talk! We learn something new or interesting, and of course, the hilarious stories that make your stomach hurt from laughing so hard are the best.

The best part is getting dolled up not to attract men (that is a reason) but for yourself

You can get out on the dance floor when your song comes on and know that you have a dance partner who is just as enthusiastic about your song, and sings along even if she doesn’t know the words. Being surrounded by a your girlies having fun, feeling great…and those compliments on your beautiful smile and your outfit don’t hurt either. When I have a few drinks I think I am Maddona on the dance floor I have been told I am not.

You can always count on a girlfriend to go to the restroom with you, hold the door shut, and zip you up if needed. Make sure your lipstick is still on when you kissed a guy in the corridor.

This is the best part of going out with the girls! You’re not there to hook up, not on a date, just a fun night out with the girls! You can slouch, snort when you laugh, and have no shame in taking your heels off at the end of the night….and you can end the night by stuffing your face with that greasy burger you’ve been craving all night, no judgment here.

Ashley, Girls just want to have fun

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