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Fur Balls


Fur Balls

Hi Guys and Gals this is an advert/article I found sounds like fun if you like this sort of thing which apparently people do. It is in USA right now.

Spring brings the birds and bees and a surprise almost too hot to bear!  The uncaged, unleashed Wild Things party is back.  A special group of furries are out to have some fun.

The very first Furry Fandom-themed convention, ConFurence 0, took place in January of 1989 in Costa Mesa, California. The first party was more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  It beat all expectations… (and some naughty dogs who deserved spankings too).  The announcement broke traffic records.

It’s an open invite, Furry/petplay sex party.  It’s “a special evening play session with dirty art, lights and music, fun and games.”  It’s a “unique, gutsy, sexy, creative, WTF happening for consenting adult friends”.  Yes, it’s really everything that giggling rumor-spreaders fear… and fearless freedom-lovers dream about.

DON’T FREAK OUT…  Sex is just one sub-interest in the creative subculture of Furry.  It’s a wide umbrella covering “everything from Disney to Dirty.”  The “topic everyone loves to hate” doesn’t define it.  But it’s valuable to push limits and grow freedom of expression.  Sex is just an optional ingredient for some grown-ups who want it. Do you want it?  Come get it.

This is meant to be an art and performing event, with creative animal costumes and play… not like a dirty movie where people sit around looking bored. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else.  If you’ve seen “murrsuits”, they’re here.  Costumes are heavily encouraged .

Ashley If its Dirty Kinky Naughty Messy or just plain wrong I want it, I hope you do too xx

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