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Fingers and Toes


Fingers and Toes

Getting my nails can seem frivolous: It requires extra cash and time and, in pop culture, has a bit of a ditzy reputation (think: Elle Woods, bend-and-snapping in the Legally Blonde salon). Last summer : A New York Times exposé on New York City stated nail salons were booming

Nails are a sign of health, youth, and fertility and hint that this woman takes care of herself.

Nice nails, particularly when they contrast to skin (white nails on tan girls, and red nails on light skin girls), draw visual attention to us. For instance, when I put my hands to my face, you’ll easily notice the colorful motion of the hands and be drawn to them.

Getting a massage from me with my manicured nails is hotter. Why? Simple because men are visual creatures, and they want to see long, smooth, feminine nails instead of masculine looking finger nails.

Attractive finger nails can lead to all sorts of things!! . When I am looking feminine and sexy you will simply want to spend time with me more. Pretty simple. Also I look great with gel pedicure toenails. Hot pink gel toenails can look amazingly sexy like me, especially when they match my hot pink pumps! I get hot pink or hot red if I want to be more daring, remember nothing is classier than a great coat of Red polish with matching Lipstick of course its so Hollywood darlings x


You can now find nail polish nearly everywhere, in nearly every color, and for as little as a few dollars a bottle. But the echoes of the Chinese, Babylonian, Egyptian and even French still linger, especially in Azature’s Black Diamond polish. It contains 267 carats of black diamonds and costs $250,000 a bottle.

Ashley Happiness is having my nails done xx

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