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Easter Fun


Easter Fun

Hi all you Easter egg eaters been stuffing your face with chocolate no doubt licking your lips at the thoughts of naughty but nice things you can do with chocolate, we can discuss possibilities when we meet again, I hope it is soon!!

Just thought I would share a moment with you, I felt like doing something different on Easter Sunday apart from wearing my Easter bonnet with all the ribbons on it (I looked good). Just the bonnet!!

My mother used to bake cakes and cookies for us when we were young, we were allowed to to help, like doing the washing up (not what I had in mind). I thought I know I will make an Easter Bunny Cake for any of my friends that might visit.

After I had a few phone conversations with some of my girlie friends, who were giving me various baking tips and discussing any sexual adventures they had over the Easter time (Lucky for them) I refrained from telling them what I was up to (Cake baking). They would have laughed. I will not prolong the suspense.

I might not be able to make a cake rise but there are plenty of other things I have made rise!!!

Ashley If we are what we eat I am fast and easy I realise my passion is not for baking xx

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