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Dance the night away


Dance the night away

There are 47,891 Dance Studios businesses in the US as of 2019.

Ancient Greeks and Romans annually celebrated their wine gods Dionysus and Bacchus with several days long festivities filled with alcohol, song and dance

When Something is prohibited or difficult to have, it often seems more attractive and thrilling. A short skirt can seduce men more than a swimsuit. Why because covering the tops of legs just sets off a mans imagination. Intention and context make the eroticism not the amount of exposed skin. This is what made the dance of the seven veils so seductive .

Dance of the Seven veils
Seven veils were used in the dance because seven is one of those ‘lucky’ or mysterious numbers that intrigues people. The veils were used to make the story more titillating. To be sure, the original dance must have been pretty bewitching to have resulted in the execution of an important figure, John the Baptist. Whether the dance was sexy is debatable. However, it was without doubt meant to have seductive overtones and the concept of using the veils has found its way into sleazy strip clubs around the world ever since.

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