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Curvy bits


Curvy bits

Hi I hope things are rolling along as best as it can be!! Looking forward to anything at the moment especially meeting with my friends (you know who you are).

Being curvy is not being fat. Fat just refers to an oversize body Curvy refers to the shape or feminine curves of the woman’s body when it looks attractive regardless of the size of the body. Some men prefer a plumper lady there is a word for that a chubby chaser, that is a different story.

A way a curvy woman should look, similar in curve to a guitar or violin, but not as pronounced. Curvy women young or mature. Anthropologists have long known about the virtues of curves. Countless cross-cultural studies have shown that men prefer an hour glass figure!! But do they??

Now let’s talk breasts yes please I hear you say, here are all kinds of theories as to why human females developed large frontal mammary glands. Some say they grew as a kind of frontal derriere when we evolved from moving on all fours to walking upright. When our closest primate cousin, the chimpanzee, is ready to mate, she sports bright red lips on her back end (sounds interesting). When we began walking on two feet, our upright hips closed the curtain on that show spoiling the mans fun and our Red lips are now on our face.

It is no secret that men prefer curvy and some mature ladies seen in paintings by historic masters and pined for in modern song lyrics, feminine curves top most men’s wish lists. Whether we are talking bodacious boobs, bountiful booty or mouth-watering thighs, gentlemen prefer curvy women over skinny minnies, but wait a minute this is not quite true, of all the men friends I know they all like different bits on a woman

I do not believe all men like big breasts as some prefer legs or looks sometimes more important a personality. An awful lot of men do prefer the curvy figure. So eat up ladies get some fat on those bones. xx

Ashley I am not perfect but parts of me are incredible and I know how to use them xx

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