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Color Reveals your sexual personality


Color Reveals your sexual personality

I often try to guess my male friends favorite colors although I am not always right I come pretty close and while you may insist, that you don’t have a favorite color, the color that is predominant for you is the one that appears in your closet and living room most frequently. This is the color that mirrors the sexual you. I have only written about the most popular colors

You’re a tiger in bed, who is easily aroused and enjoys sex in many ways. Once that spark is ignited, it can take hours to extinguish. (More water please)

Your sex drive is complex but adaptable. You typically submit to a stronger partner’s desires. (Mmm I like you)

You often consider yourself too sophisticated for a fun romp in bed. while both genders, purples are more concerned with their own fulfillment than their partner’s gratification. (Shame)

You’re the misfits of the sex world and often seek each other out in kinship. You probably prefer what some consider perverted sex, usually masochistic or sadistic in nature. You’re moody and perform at your sexual peak when you are under stress or unhappy. (Oh dear)

You are a wonderful sex partner! You’re affectionate and sensitive and consider love making a fine art. Your passion is more like a tidal wave than a fiery aggression. Blues are the best mates since they never seek outside interests. (You may be to good to be true)

Sex is dirty. You are puritanical and only make love in the dark. (That’s a shame)

Ashley Which one are you? Guess which is my favorite color? Xxx

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