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Burlesque I love it


Burlesque I love it

I love Burlesque the colours the costumes the sexiness of it all I am so glad it has become popular and Cher was great in the film i might watch it again anyone want to join me.

Burlesque had a huge popularization in the 1840’s s in Europe; it also became popular in Canada and the United States at about this time. But by the 1880s Burlesque had made a name for itself and had certain rules, including: minimum costuming, sexually related dialog, witty remarks that were easy to laugh at and easy to follow entertaining skits. Still at this point, Burlesque was classy.

Burlesque was originally a show that poked fun at (Something tasteless s Intellectually inferior that is devoid of any intelligence – usually in pop culture. Lacking in refinement and good taste. Often but not always appealing to the absolute lowest common denominator) society it; had everything from comic sketches to dancing skits.

In 1898 gold is discovered Yukon Alaska and Burlesque dancers started to make their way to neighboring Saloons.

In 1913 the Dominion Theatre, later known as Le Figaro, opens in Montreal. It seated 700 patrons and featured many famous dancers. Throughout the 1920’s, Burlesque went through a very industrializing time. More was seen on stage, more women were arrested for indecencies and in 1929 most stage lines are banned. But only one year after in 1930 does it go somewhat underground and hit New York City. It will prosper here for many a year, even though it is in the midst of the Great Depression.

By 1937, 7 major Broadway Theatres had been transformed into Burlesque houses. Later that year, New York started to crack down on the Burlesque houses and eventually shut them down; it will take ten years for Burlesque to regains its respect.
In 1940, after America’s entry into WWII, Burlesque has a rebirth. Burlesque is just the sort of entertainment that appealed to the millions of service men and wartime workers. Through the next thirty years Burlesque houses went through many ups and downs.

Burlesque Today
Within the past few years there has been a robust eruption of the Burlesque in the United States. Dita Van Teese is very well known in the world or Burlesque. She has brought back the art in a special way that no one else could.

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