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Worth the wait

Published: July 25th, 2021

Worth the wait

HI my Fantasy friends by that I mean how many of you have fantasies I would say a lot. Some fantasies are quite over the top but most are mild and are fun. So let me tell you about a fantasy I have had for a while.

For a while I have fantasized about being vigorously made love to by a man standing in front of me while I am seated on my dresser legs hanging over the edge but in real life, I could never get all the body parts to come out in the right places, until one magic day a man of just the right height (that is the important bit)finally fulfilled my fantasy. It was worth the wait!!!

Once you get the hang of it you can take this show on the road for example to the kitchen counter, dining room table, bathroom or anywhere that fits the position, it is very convenient on the move because very little disrobing is required and this in fact adds a touch of urgency pleasure and passion.

_Ashley Sometimes a fantasy world is better than reality what is your fantasy can I help you with it xxx_