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Valentie Balls

Published: February 11th, 2024

Valentie Balls

Hi everyone are you getting romantic hope so it is the time to have fun and be invited to a Valentines Ball. My friend and I have been invited to a ball and I love balls all kinds of balls!!

Who is excited about Valentine’s Day? (Me of course) Yes, I just said excited. But if you would like to add some sexual pizazz to your Valentines holiday, then you, my dear Lusty Lovers keep on reading.

Anyone with an egg Fetish preferably chocolate ones but I can accommodate other kinds i.e. love eggs!!Valentines Day a good excuse to eat your own body weight in chocolate. Yes please. Make the most of the Valentine celebrations and that means not neglecting your desires and sexual needs. Because your erotic side deserves Valentine treats too. We all have needs and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for adults to get down and dirty. I asked what kinds of masturbatory occasions would warrant a Tenga Egg and apparently, "it's a luxury wank, so maybe once a month?"

Follow me into a whole new world of pleasure and sexual adventure, Oh, and I cannot rave enough about the Tenga Eggs for men. They are sexy and perfect for anyone who likes intense orgasms which is, hmmm, just about everyone. Guaranteed to put a smile on any mans face, You will enjoy heightened male stimulation. When we crack this little gem open, you open yourself to new realms of sensations melting, twisting, squeezing, caressing, lapping seemingly familiar, but mind blowingly novel! I will Surprise you one day!!

Ashley: if not into the egg just bring the Chocolates so we can have a little nibble xx