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Turkey Trot

Published: November 30th, 2021

Turkey Trot

Another excuse to spend an entire day eating after stuffing the turkey!!
Hi guys and all you Turkey Twizzlers Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are lets get stuffed (with food) on this special day. Take care stay safe.

March the 3rd 1965 Little Eva sang Lets do the turkey trot Listen to it if you can. Blues Brothers 1980 singing Shake a tail feather old tunes but good ones. Tina Turner also sang this song.

The mating ritual of wild turkeys is an interesting dance. Certainly it begins with the gobbler displaying for hens. Out of the mix a receptive hen will parade close to her suitor. She will circle him, get his attention and once he becomes interested the two become locked in a beautiful ballet. When a big gobbler is in breeding mode he is fully on lockdown, uncallable, will ignore decoys and all his attention is directed toward his hot little girlfriend. He will pursue her, circle, fan, display and eventually she will approach and get kissin’ close. That’s when the gobbler becomes super excited, blood rushes to his extremities and he eventually wiggles behind her. It is actually the hen that initiates the actual breeding act. She will seductively wiggle her tail in front of the old boy and then lay down on her tummy. That’s when the gobbler approaches from the back, climbs on her and initiates breeding. The act only takes a minute or so and after climax the gobbler will step off her back and stand next to his partner. The hen will shake her feathers, sort of move away from the gobbler just in case he wants another go.

Both genders have a snood (a dangly appendage on the face), wattle (the red dangly bit under the chin) and only a few feathers on the head. It seems that snood length is associated with male turkey health. In addition, a 1997 study in the Journal of Avian Biology found that female turkeys prefer males with long snoods and that snood length can also be used to predict the winner of a competition between two males. Sounds familiar.

Ashley: Turkeys are not the only thing that like a bit of stuffing xx