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Toga Fun

Published: October 9th, 2023

Toga Fun

Hi all my dudes and dudettes I have been invited to a Toga party and have to dress accordingly I had to go out and buy a white sheet I believe that is what they wore (Romans) anyway thats what it looks like, I was not happy with the white sheet so off I went to the Fancy Dress shop I chose the sexiest one (of course).

A bit of history.
Once upon a time there lived an outrageously gorgeous greek man, Toga Likened to the gods of the sky, he made women melt at his feet, men cry in pity of themselves and animals kneel. These raunchy parties could have easily given our modern-day party planners a serious run for their money

So the women decided to name a clothing garment after him, one that would swathe the whole body from head to toe and could be Likened to Toga himself, covering their whole bodies in sensual warmth and thus the toga was born,, worn by all universally

Noun (place) - typically a party with dudes and dudettes that involves a lot of Dr Pepper, hooking up dancing beer pong and other activities (all the while wearing a toga made from your bed sheets and sandals that your Mom or Dad bought at K mart!! (HA HA)

Now if you are wondering how Roman parties used to be then think about the parties in the modern-day Vegas. The same extravagance, fun, food, and drinks in every party, but with different social rules and activities. Just as they say, ‘’What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.’’ The same phrase can be applied to the Roman parties as well. The splendor, the open-mindedness, the braggarts, the lifestyle, and the social norms were quite amusing. These facts have the power to take you through a myriad of emotions. Make sure you’re ready. I am looking forward to having lots of fun at this Ancient Roman Dinner party

Ashley: Undergarments not required let me wrap you up in my sheet xx