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The Leg Wear Dilemma

Published: June 16th, 2018

The Leg Wear Dilemma

Leggings are everywhere! Leg wear has become so popular because of comfort and convenience no ironing or binding waistbands; it’s no wonder that so many women wear them. But there are appropriate and inappropriate ways to rock leggings. Because there may be some ambiguity on the difference between tights stockings and leggings. I know which I prefer how about you?

Stockings-historically, a leg covering that covers foot and lower leg to knee or up to thigh and typically worn with garters, at one time there were only stockings to wear and most of the opposite sex found them sexy. On special occasions I enjoy wearing them myself the silkiness feel and smooth look (especially in Black) the only colour to have and I look good in them.

Tights-are thicker and usually softer and more comfortable. They may range in opacity or translucency. You may see “opaque tights” on the package, but they may not be totally opaque; therefore, they are not appropriate to wear alone. Not so popular with the male population or me.

Leggings-the most durable of the form fitting leg wear category. Leggings are made of a variety of fabric blends: cotton, polyester or nylon with spandex or other stretchy fabric added for comfort. Leggings are typically opaque or black . and can be worn alone, also good for working out it would be advisable that they be worn with longer tops or tunics covering the tush if you are wearing them for a night out. I like to wear them with a low cut and sexy longer top with my black high Stiletto heels.

Stockings and high heels will always be the ultimate in "subtle sex appeal" for a high class woman.

Ashley Shye X