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Suits you Sir!

Published: September 4th, 2022

Suits you Sir!

Hi followers hope you are all taking care of yourselves, I spotted a rather handsome man while out shopping (for shoes of course) he was wearing a suit and he looked hot so the following is all about men in suits.

know not all men feel comfortable in suits and, hence, end up looking and acting awkward and ridiculous. If you can’t pull a suit off, better stick to jeans and a shirt, which, when worn with confidence, can still be super attractive.

Based on the comments that I have heard towards men in suits from my lady friends it seems that yes women like men in suits. Of course it is not just the suit, but how you wear it and who is inside it!!

The thing that first attracts me to a man is one who exudes the aroma of an expensive Cologne (its so sexy) the take home message for men is: if you smell good to yourself and to the lady of your dreams you’ll be a sure-fire winner.

If you pass the sniff test then I do like a man in a suit. For one thing, suits look good. That’s what they’re designed to do. They make a man look stronger, more athletic, taller, more professional, etc. Stuff like lapels forming a V, the tie and other characteristics make that undeniable. SO, fact is, if you’re wearing a good well fitting suit, you’ll look better.

Suits also are a bit more involved to wear than a normal T-shirt and jeans. Especially when they’re not mandatory. So they show care for appearance and making an effort which I like. Of course, this is only my opinion, some don’t like suits, and think they look ‘bland’ or ‘old-fashioned’ or ‘corporate’. It’s totally understandable.

A well tailored suit is to a women what Lingerie is to a man to me a man in a suit is hot.

Birthday Suit.
Birthday suit is a different meaning altogether meaning one’s bare skin (from the fact that a person would not have any clothes on the minute they were born)

Ashley: Let me check it out the suit off or on that is the question, I prefer off xxx