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Sex on Legs

Published: November 12th, 2023

Sex on Legs

In case some people are not familiar with this saying it means a hot sexy looking lady with sexy legs!!

One male friend of mine for example, comically admits If I had to pick one thing I like best about a woman’s body it would be her legs in part because they go up and make an ass out of themselves a most curious pun that, at least indirectly, intimates how the higher up a man goes, figuratively, in making love to a woman’s legs, the closer he gets to what so many discussants rhapsodise as absolute heaven. Glorifying what so many males find bewitching about the female anatomy generally, confesses that there is not one inch of a woman’s body that does not amaze and intrigue me. Every curve is a mystery yet to be revealed speaking specifically to leg people. led to ponder, maybe it’s more about the journey than the destination. He puts it, such glamorous coverings give women’s legs an even smoother, sheerer texture and conceal minor blemishes, suggesting physical perfection and high-heeled shoes flex the muscles of the legs with each step, emphasising shapeliness and fitness. Sounds like a fetish!!

Additionally, short skirts or slit dresses' draw the eyes to the legs and emphasise them. I love slit dresses and short skirts and addressing fellow males generally, this same friend says If you come to associate women’s legs with sex during puberty, that will probably stick with you for your whole life and, even more empathically, a male who grows up surrounded by all this can be forgiven for developing an obsession with women’s legs not my Aunt Sally she had varicose veins (hope its not hereditary)!! Stockings maketh the legs.

Moving away from the visuals for a second, stockings stimulate the other senses too. Listen as I walk, hear the rustle of nylon against nylon. Stroke my legs, feel the smooth softness beneath your fingers. I rest my case. Oh don’t forget the Suspenders thats another story.

Ashley : Its not that my legs are so beautiful I just know what to do with them do you? 💋