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Roleplay is Fun

Published: March 27th, 2022

Roleplay is Fun

Gable was lauded as "young, vigorous, and brutally masculine" by one critic. Gable's "unshaven love-making" with braless Jean Harlow in Red Dust made him MGM's most important romantic leading man.

HI to all you film goers this week a story of a friend of mine who loved Clark Gable (he thought he was him) totally besotted with him and that era.

This is how we met a bit of role playing going on, when he used to visit me (which was not very often) I was to be dressed as Vivien Leigh he would send the dress to me that I was to wear, very nice they were too. I love dressing up! When he arrived he would get changed to look like Rhett Butler in gone with the wind and a very handsome Rhett Butler he made to be honest it turned me on and I just wanted to ravage him there and then, but no we would sit and watch Gone with the wind then he liked to discuss my thoughts on the movie!!! My thought was to seduce him but he seduced me.

After the movie and the chat he turned into this most passionate lover it was a most orgasmic experience, I thought I had gone to heaven! The strange thing was he would not speak at all after the fun and games and just left without a goodbye. I was a bit upset as I had enjoyed the whole experience, he left a note it said until the next time, something to look forward to and I sure am.

Ashley: Good things come to those that wait you do not have to wait for my good things xx