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Ravishing or Ravished

Published: August 29th, 2022

Ravishing or Ravished

Really messed up oxymoron It can mean to fill with joy, delight, charm, captivate attract. QUITE contrarily, it can also mean to rape. How these things are congruent enough to where they are described in one word, I do not know. What sort of person came up with the word ‘ravish’? Has anyone else noticed how messed up its meanings are?

According to, the word ravish can mean:

  • To perform oral sex on a girl, particularly if it is forceful or if she appears lost in ecstasy at the time. The goal is to overwhelm her with pleasure/orgasm.

  • To fill with strong emotion, esp. joy.

  • To seize and carry off by force.

  • To carry off (a woman) by force.

  • To rape (a woman). Apparently men cannot be “ravished interestingly sexist indeed I don’t believe that!!

At the party, I heard a sound from the gazebo so I went down to check it out, and I saw Brendan in there ravishing Lakisha on the table. He had placed both of his hands behind his head and was gyrating his pelvis in a seductive manner. It is most commonly used as a quasi-mating ritual for males.

If you describe someone or something as ravishing, you mean that they are very beautiful. I have been called ravishing many times and been ravished in the nicest possible ravishingly way.

Ashley: Come along and be ravished, you know you want to Xx