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Pure Decadence

Published: October 12th, 2021

Pure Decadence

Hi My lovelies hope all is well and you are safe! I like most people like a bit of luxury in life and as we know life is short and we only live once so it is nice to be treated or treat yourself to whatever you can afford. Have fun memories are better than dreams. I read about this restaurant in one of my magazines, I would like to go but not alone??

Koral Restaurant.
How does one restaurant become the best in the world?

It must offer the best food, an unforgettable ambience, top staff and impeccable service. There are no secret ingredients in this answer. The Koral Restaurant, located inside the luxurious Apurva Kempinski Hotel in Nusa Dua, is a fantastic example of this combination, so it has rightly been declared the most beautiful restaurant in the world.

It has earned its title of beauty thanks to its unique interiors, since it is a gastronomic paradise located inside a magnificent aquarium. With the exceptional beauty everywhere around you and equally interesting food, the sensory experience is enriching and abundant. Chef Andrea Astone manages to create a premium menu, featuring goose pate, wagyu beef and truffles.

At the Koral Restaurant, guests can enjoy a magnificent experience that is unlike any other. It is a combination of talent, local ingredients, surprising compositions, which turn it into a fantastic destination on the island of the gods. The aquarium is a great way to relax in the Balinese spirit, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the water world without having to dive into the impeccable waters that surround Bali.

The interior of the restaurant is sumptuous and exudes luxurious vibes with geometric tiles, an abundance of natural light, brick walls and comfort all it needs is me!

Ashley: Need company I am available for fun in the sun xx