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Party Time in Las Vegas

Published: September 24th, 2023

Party Time in Las Vegas

Hi all how are you, all up and ready for action, If not why not life is for living x

It was my friends birthday last week and she booked for four of us girlies at a hotel in Las Vegas (why there) it was her birthday so be it!

I did not bother packing sun glasses and bikinis but I did pack a couple of sexy items (you never know your luck) so clickty click (high heels) off we went, My friend drove, she does not drink neither do I but we know how to enjoy ourselves.

We arrived the Hotel the reception staff were not very friendly and honestly the room is not what we wanted or booked, it was awful the carpets were sticky the bathroom was not very clean. We met in the foyer and decided to walk along the strip, sat and had a coffee we decided to find another hotel. We found a lovely hotel small (if there is such a thing in Vegas). We booked in collected our things from the other hotel they refunded most of our money. My friend said the advert for the 1st hotel was very nice and it was cheap so you get what you pay for!!

That evening there was an event in the ball room (at last some fun) and boy did we have fun the people were so friendly and there were some very handsome Texan men. Not sure if I would go back to Vegas but I would not say no to a sexy Texan.

Ashley: Throw off your worries visit me and throw off your clothes xx