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Nipples for Guzzling

Published: February 27th, 2022

Nipples for Guzzling

Hi Guys and Gals hope everything is ok with you. I have always wonder why men always think our nipples get hard when we see them, of course that can be on some occasions, but a lot of the time it is just we are cold but I am always up for a pair of warm hands.

I had a friend came to see me. In my line of work I see and feel nipples of men and women sometimes my own.have come to the conclusion that the sensitivity of a persons nipples is very individual, regardless of a person.

I know that I like stimulation but so do some men. Nipples have the same potential for erotic pleasure as woman’s nipples. In both sexes our nipples are richly supplied with nerve endings. Although only half as many men as women get hard nipples spontaneously when aroused, mens nipples are about as likely as woman to become erect when directly stimulated and the sensation can sometimes make him explode.

Many men do enjoy nipple stimulation. Although nipples are not a sexual organ they generally feel good when rubbed, sucked, licked, bitten (not sure about biting), or vibrated, it typically turns guys and girls on when they see my hard nipples showing through my blouse, especially when I am not wearing a bra.

Seeing two hot girls (my friend and I) rub our hard nipples together is enough to get any guy or girl off. Join us one day. Nippy is the derivative word for when a person goes outside and their nipples become erect from the cold. Boy, it is Nippy out here, I should have worn a padded bra.

Ashley: According to my nipples tonight is a little cold wanna warm them up? Xx