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Mean Machine

Published: August 2nd, 2021

Mean Machine

Hi all, Most of you understand the passion of a classic car and motorbike lovers, there are plenty of them around. I am rather keen myself on classic transport I have travelled in a few.

My friend a female and I went shopping not for anything in particular although I am always tempted with a few of Victoria’s Secrets items, (hope they do not close down) meaning I like sexy underwear and I am sure many of my male companions do too, (on me of course) but if you like wearing these items yourself that is ok with me I like to please.

My friend and I sat down for a cold refreshing drink fresh orange juice (Vitamin C) while we sat and gossiped, its a woman’s thing!! A big Red Chopper pulled up outside the cafe A Harley Davidson, I nearly had an Orgasm and the hottest guy got off that throbbing machine that had been between his legs, he sat and stared at us for a while then preceded to come over to our table excitement welled up and started my bodily juices flowing. He chatted for a while then said he had to go but would I like to go out at the weekend to Neptunes Net for a ride on his chopper (I nearly fell off the chair) YES PLEASE!! The rest is history to be told another day.

_*Ashley* If you are going to do it do it on a Harley, two out of many of the good things in life a Harley and a Man xxx_