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Magic Ritual

Published: August 12th, 2021

Magic Ritual

Love potions are different from Aphrodisiacs in that a special magic ritual is performed over the concoction the Siwans in North Africa believed that if a man could slip his semen into the food of a favoured woman this woman would fall in love with him. A story told about the gingerbread man was once used as a popular love potion.

The gingerbread man was made of a replica of the person on which the spell was to be cast. The love sick female usually approached a witch seeking assistance in casting a spell on the man she wanted as her lover. Mmmm not the lover I would want!!

The ritual began with the girl undressing and lying on a bench (oh yeah we know where this is going) The witch would then place a wooden board across the top of the girls genitals she would mix the dough using ginger , a once popular Aphrodisiac she would mold it into the shape of a man place it into a small stove that was then placed on top of the wooden board. The dough baked while the witch chanted and in explicit language told the girl what type of sex she could expect from the man.

Here we go

The girl was to intensify her passion until she achieved an orgasm sometimes having to be assisted by the witch or local male (now it becomes clear) Once the orgasm occurred the cookie was removed and wrapped, the girl was instructed to deliver it to the object of her love and wait for the spell to take effect.

The ancient witch also used liquid love potions that contained alcohol some of these recipes are still available commercially. Advokaa, Green Chartreuse, Drambuie, Sloe Gin and Vermouth.

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