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Lust for Life

Published: January 29th, 2024

Lust for Life

Hi you lusty lovers hope all is well in your world as it is in mine. I awoke this morning feeling lusty.

The meaning of lust: sexual desire especially if strong or uncontrolled. A strong longing or craving.

Can a girl be lusty if not why not!!
Yes, and it is rather usual. A lot of women lust for and would sleep with men they have no desire for a romantic relationship with.

We all love a bit of slap and tickle some enjoy slap and some a good old tickle of course it depends where you are tickling. I know how to drive a man wild for that reason let me Brighton up your love life.I have lots of tasty treats in store for you

I am not ashamed of being lusty it really is a great thing. I believe having a heightened sex drive is a surefire sign of sexuality and I would not dumb down my sexuality for anyone, but there is ONE problem with being a horny lady Sometimes, We just get so EXCITED by naked bodies and supple flesh and moans and textures, and oh my, Iā€™m getting wildly aroused just thinking about it! So, sometimes lust takes over.

In 2013 a bar called the Lusty ladies in San Francisco closed. There is a bar of the same name in Bangkok a long way to go for some sexy fun when you can just come and visit me.

Ashley: Lust is a must. Today I do not feel like doing anything but you šŸ’‹