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Luscious Lipstick

Published: June 6th, 2018

Luscious Lipstick

I am a woman. And I love lipstick because it does Magic I own all shades one for every mood and every occasion. Although some of my friends do not like it and would never wear it.

It magically uplifts confidence. Accentuate my features and make me look like a powerhouse. Takes away the dullness out of my look. Empowers me to focus on my agenda rather than getting insecure about looks. Add that pop of color to resonates my mood.

From a nude peach pigmented lipstick to a rosy red I adore all kinds. There could be a plethora of evolutionary logic one can give preferences Glossy for night or Matt for day.

But in all honesty, most women wear lipstick because it’s an added element to an already beautiful body. All it does is give the right kind of feeling, women want to expect from within.

And that’s why ladies love lipsticks. Lips without lipstick are like cakes without Icing.

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