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Latex or Leather

Published: August 15th, 2021

Latex or Leather

Hi guys Hope all is well in the hood. Many people are turned on by the smell of leather even buying leather bound books just to sniff at it is a common fetish and the smell of leather is so nice!!

Although I am a stiletto, stockings and basque type of lady I do have some Role play outfits along with Leather and Latex so I am very flexible in my outfits and of course I look pretty good in them all. You request I will do the rest.

*LATEX* Thin rubber material most commonly associated with sexual fetishes, in particular BDSM. Common clothing items might include: tight leggings, corsets, mini-dress' etc... Whilst most commonly found in black, latex can come in any colour. This material is slightly stretchy (although it can tear easily), is photosensitive (so should be kept out of sunlight) and should be oiled before each use with special latex oil to give it that glossy shine. Oils can be used for many things this is one of them but not the most important.

*LEATHER* It may seem like a fairly unimportant question, but have you ever thought about why men love leather mini skirts so much? Of course, there is the obvious answer that has something to do with the actual amount of a woman's body that is left showing by a mini skirt verses the amount of the body that is left up to the man's imagination. Or it could be because of a fantasy that has previously established itself deep in the mind of a particular man, or it could be because of the prehistoric notion of leather and some ingrained instinct that draws a man to the supple, smooth surface. But whatever the reason is why men go wild over leather mini skirts and tight black trousers plus very high heels, they are a definite hit!

My friend has a Leather bed frame I love staying with her. The smell of leather can turn someone on, Tom Ford Tuscan Leather eau de parfum, Devoted to the scent of leather, Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather is a warming, feminine fragrance. A modern take on traditional leather perfumes, it uses a distinctive blend of raspberry, jasmine, amber and suede to create a warm, peppery perfume that puts leather at its heart.

_*Ashley* Come and have a sniff_