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I can ring your bell..

Published: November 22nd, 2021

I can ring your bell..

Hi You all sexy. I had a friend (Male) he wanted to wear a cock ring, It is available if that is your thing (ding a ling). Interesting to some and not to others if you don’t have a cock you do not need a ring.

Cock ring.
My friend was complaining that her boyfriend was too soft, so we hooked him up with a cock ring for his birthday. He loved it!!

The act of texting or calling someone on your cell phone using your erect penis to dial the numbers and/or letters.

Some older males prefer a cock ring and for some it can help to have a second erection. The ring one slides onto the penis so that it sits at the base of the penis against the body, keeping the penis erect after ejaculation. (for the woman's extended pleasure.) (or mans.) The rings come in various diameters and widths and thicknesses ...there are literally hundreds of designs and styles ...and the most common are made of leather, surgical grade silicon rubber or stainless steel.

When sized properly, the ring will highly restrict (not prevent) the flow of blood from the penis resulting in a larger (usually thicker) and longer-lasting erection. The big thing, not that Big Thing getting the ring sized correctly. My advice is to go with either a leather or rubber ring until you know for sure what size works for whatever purpose you're wearing it.

Have fun with your cock ring it will make your sex life zing.
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