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Foxy Lady

Published: August 4th, 2022

Foxy Lady

Hi all you Foxes and Vixens hope you are all happy and staying safe, should I not go there! But you can come here and visit me always ready for some pleasure at your leisure there! But you can come here and visit me always ready for some pleasure at your leisure

If someone calls a woman foxy, they mean that she is physically and sexually attractive. [mainly US, informal] ...a foxy blonde in a turtleneck sweater. Synonyms: sexy, attractive, tempting, provoking More Synonyms of foxy.

Theme this week is being foxy meaning a beautiful and attractive lady (talking about me again). Foxy can also mean other things see below. Can you guess which one is me?  A cute orange shy animal. A smart sly person. Not referring to a fox itself but is instead of a young and beautiful women. 

Deriving from the ancient British word of Foxismonitism, meaning attractive or sexually appealing has evolved along the years to become a more well known and some how a slang word, foxy meaning sexy, cool, beautiful, and awesome. Mostly referred to a seductive vixen.   Description spot on; Also a girl who is not only foxy but she is a foxy fox she has many men chasing after her and many who like to have sex with her!! which I am not complaining about but then again it is my problem I am a foxy fox.

Foxes have been used as an animal metaphor for both cunning and beautiful people of both genders for a long time, and the term vixen, meaning female fox, can also be used on its own. Foxy can evolve into Cougar as women mature, ha! So true in so many ways and that is another story. Foxy is assertive, even aggressive, maybe ready to run my claws down your back. Foxy is canine, vulpine; foxy is active, not passive.  A  foxy lady; she's cunning, sly, a trickster, and she might just outfox you. Silver foxes aside, chances are that if you are foxy, you are a woman. More specifically, you are a foxy lady. 
Women are usually likened to cats, from pussycats to cougars, the idea is that coy feline elusion is in keeping with the supposed essence of woman. Believe me I am all woman!!

Ashley: A vixen so lets get foxing with me. Silver foxes always welcome. Xx