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Feeling Dowdy

Published: April 25th, 2022

Feeling Dowdy

Hi everyone hope you are well. Last week I was feeling dowdy I know what you are going to say how could I possibly look dowdy well I did!! what happens when a lady feels dowdy, she rings up her hairdresser, nail lady, and beautician THEN she buys a new dress and perhaps shoes, if the shoes are no good the dress will not look good so do these things to undowdy herself.

I am now on a mission to be undowdy. On my way out I popped into my local coffee shop I dont’ drink coffee I always find alternatives on the menu, as it happens my friend was there she was with a rather handsome guy apparently her brother mmm I thought I would not mind a piece of him (you know which piece). As I was leaving he asked for my phone number YES YES YES, of course you can in a very demure way I know I know demure is not me but it worked.

I had finished all my things I wanted to do but not the dress. When I arrived home He John phoned to ask me if I would like to go to his firms special event if so to look glamorous (I forgot he saw me looking dowdy) so out I went again to find a dress and oh boy did I find one drop dead gorgeous . Need I say more you know the rest of the story needless to say that dress did not stay on for very long.

Ashley. Red the colour of sex and passion I am loaded with both try me and see xxxx