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Feather Fetish

Published: March 20th, 2022

Feather Fetish

There is something about feathers I have always loved especially the boas worn by the 1950’s glamour ladies. I think this came from an Auntie of mine she was glamorous and when she visited us she would sit me on her knee and wrap her feather boa around me. As I have grown up (really I have) I love feather boas.

I have a wide assortment at the ready

* A feather duster
* A Boa
* A quill (pen)
* A peacock feather

I would love to brush and tickle you unmercifully. There are certain parts especially vulnerable to the feather touch, face, neck, nipples, navel, inner thighs (now we are talking) backs of the knees and of course your pride and joy the penis, scrotum and rear end (perhaps a little slap there). A sensual guide around a mans body.

I like to make men happy instead of always the other way round, great sex is giving and receiving. Sometimes men just do not realize what great lovers they can be until a sexy loving woman shows them,  sounds like ME! There are plenty of ways to arouse a mans penis. Pay me a visit and I will show you a few and I will let you play with the feathers!!

Ashley _You can ruffle my feathers anytime_ xx