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Eggstacy at Easter

Published: March 28th, 2024

Eggstacy at Easter

Hi all you Easter Ravers filling your faces with chocolate eggs perhaps other things but we will not go into that!!

Calling someone "bunny" is often a term of endearment or affection. It's a cute and playful nickname that is typically used between people who have a close and friendly relationship. The intention behind using such a nickname is to express fondness and warmth.

My friend was a bunny girl a long time ago, she loved it the best time of her life she says. I would have liked to be bunny girl but I still get to in a different way some of my companions like me to dress as a bunny girl for role play and I love it.

Becoming a Bunny was no easy feat. Hundreds of women would attend auditions before being selected for the club’s training program, which included learning the names of 143 liquor brands and having to memorize 20 different cocktail garnishes, at least they did not have to drink them Hic Hic

Stars including Blondie’s Debbie Harry, model Lauren Hutton and activist Gloria Steinem have all been Playboy Bunnies.

Bunnies learned various postures including the “Bunny stance,” the “Bunny perch” and the “Bunny dip.” The latter was a specific maneuver that enabled Bunnies to serve drinks without bending over.
The Bunny Mother was responsible for the welfare of Bunnies employed at each club. Before a shift, Bunnies would have their uniforms, hair and makeup inspected by the Bunny Mother. Demerits would be issued for ripped tights, crooked ears and unpolished fingernails, among other infractions. Bunnies were also prohibited from eating, drinking, chewing gum and smoking in front of customers.
Even Playboy Club patrons had to follow strict rules: making physical contact or engaging in romantic relationships with Bunnies was off-limits.

I love Easter and I love bunnies and baby chicks not too keen on the old cockerel. All choccie donations gratefully received. I know what to do with them join me for the fest.

Ashley: I Know eggsactly how to have fun with chocolate do you 💋