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Comfort and Joy

Published: October 22nd, 2023

Comfort and Joy

Hi Guys what's happening in your worlds, I am always here to listen and give comfort in lots of ways you may like, having said that I will rephrase it to you will like.

Time spent with me will be enjoyable and as wild as you want, it is all about you. Always willing to please. As you step into my boudoir everything is sexy you feel completely comfortable and spoiled. I know how to look after a man. I always keep a small stack of sexual necessities condoms Lubricants etc, towels tissues and many sexual toys and props you like to play with if I am prepared I wont have to leave in the middle of something interesting i.e looking for my vibrator.

I am very amicable regarding preferences If you like black I will wear black, if you like grapes I will feed you, if its feathers i have many, especially the kind to stroke to your sexual ego hopefully spurring you on to new heights of passion.

So why not visit me who only wants to please you and I know I can one way or another.

Ashley: Bring it on to your favourite