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Bordello in Bute

Published: December 5th, 2021

Bordello in Bute

For those not familiar with the Dumas Brothel, it is one of the most paranormally active locations in Montana. The building has been around since 1890 and is known for being one of the longest-running brothels ever. The brothel stayed in business all the way up until 1982 when it was finally forced to close its doors. That is nearly 100 years of souls that have been through its doors. This coupled with the fact that it was a bordello probably makes for some odd energy embedded in its walls.

While chatting with other paranormal enthusiasts this past week, this historic building was brought up several times. Claims of "ladies of the night" still haunt the halls of the building, as well, as former bouncers and even regular customers. You can't count on both hands the number of claims that people have shared from this building.

The Dumas Brothel was a bordello in Butte, Montana. The brothel was founded by French Canadian brothers, It grew considerably through the years, with the miners employed by the city's copper mines often patronizing the establishment. After several changes of the "madams" and continuing pressure from authorities, the brothel closed in 1982, described as "a rare, intact commentary on social history". After closing, the brothel changed hands several times, eventually becoming a tourist attraction owned and managed by a series of Butte residents

In historic Uptown Butte along Mercury Street sits the Dumas Brothel – a memory of Butte’s red-light district. The brothel was in operation from 1890 to 1982. It is a house of secrets, of comradery, and shared experiences. A visit to the Dumas is sure to leave a lasting impression on visitors, while providing a glimpse at the lifestyle of the days when Copper was King in Butte. While the upper floors of the hotel tell a tale of gentlemen, money, and elegant décor, the basement of the Dumas tells a much different story – one of hardship, unease, and struggle in the dim lighting.

At the back of the Dumas, there is a padlocked door leading to a private passageway that once led to the brick paved street known as Pleasant Alley, then Venus Alley, and finally Piss Alley. Along this alley were hundreds of one-room backstreet cribs. Miners would flock to the alley looking for a good time. This alley was a violent place.

While working girls struggled to make ends meet in the basement, a number of madam’s occupied the front apartment on the second floor, running what was considered to be a high-class establishment.

The historic Dumas Brothel is opening its doors for overnight investigations of the property. But, space is limited. So you must get your tickets in advance. Tickets are $75 per person, with a $25 non-refundable deposit.

ASHLEY Now it is your turn to stay the night in this haunted bordello. If you DARE! Xx