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Beware of Lippy Ladies

Published: December 10th, 2023

Beware of Lippy Ladies

Hi all you Jingle Bellers hope your tree is up and your balls are dangling its Christmas time, have fun and enjoy the best you can. Stay Safe!

Dear Santa we have all been good at being naughty which list am I on. Ok I know and it was and still is fun. As xmas is upon us I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and take care roasting your chestnuts and showing off your Christmas Sparkly Balls. When December arrives, all the shopping centres, streets and houses are decorated with Christmas lighting and Christmas decoration and it makes it look so nice and romantic. During this season I have had (and will have more) many great times with my special companions at Christmas. I am usually very busy in December but I will always find a way to have fun together and we all need some fun!!

Do not forget to have fun plus, we eat our favourite food during Christmas time, so get munching and gobbling!! we can work it off in so many ways that you would enjoy , We think about being nice for others, which actually creates a happy chemical in our body. We decorate everything up all nice and pretty ourselves included, which puts everyone in a good mood. I hope to see you at Christmas time it will be fun.

A little story: my friend she wanted to look good for Xmas she had always wanted her lips pumped up so xmas seemed like a good time under the mistletoe and all that stuff (all the better to kiss you with). We arranged to meet up one morning, as I waited looking for her I see her and I cannot believe my eyes her lips were so huge, as she came into the cafe and sat down she cried it was not the look she wanted and it is going to take months to go down (if you know what I mean). We had a joke about it and she cheered up a bit, not going to be to happy at xmas for her.

Ashley: Your favourite Christmas present is here come unwrap me and I will return the favour. Xx