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Badge Bunnies

Published: July 5th, 2021

Badge Bunnies

Hi all you lovers of life and those who like to have fun of a certain kind I am sure you know what I mean.

I woke up in the morning and my friend was banging on my door shouting Fire Fire everyone out, I was not sure if this was her idea of an April Fool especially as it was July, she is very fond of playing jokes some funny and SOME not.

I digress I thought this is not one of her jokes, as I could see smoke billowing out of her kitchen window, I hope you have phoned the Fire Service (she had). If it comes to it that I have to retrieve items from my flat what would it be Make-up, Clothes and Shoes oh dear, in that moment the Fire Service arrived with their hose pipes I do love a fireman with a hosepipe spurting.

Why do women fantasize about firefighters and find them attractive. I think that in large part it is because firefighters are the modern day knight-in-shining-armour. Modern day heroes, riding their shiny red trucks into battle, stopping to rescue a damsel or two in distress along the way To answer your question, it's because firefighters do something dangerous to save lives, and they show competence in doing so. That's attractive to women.

h3. Badge bunnies
There are women who specifically go for cops and firefighters. In the biz, they're affectionately called "badge bunnies." They're like rock groupies, except without the big hair When I asked my friend what's so attractive about firefighters. ... She says when she sees firefighters in their tight uniform pants it makes her want to rip them off. Really I hope she did not cause this fire to meet a Fire man.

As luck would have it one particular Fire Man caught my eye and I caught his (we ladies can tell). He later came round to see me with a different kind of hose pipe which fired me up and not watered me down!!

_*Ashley* This sexy Fireman certainly knew how to use his hose xx_