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Accents and Languages

Published: June 24th, 2018

Accents and Languages

Hi Guys Welcome to this weeks Blog. I love accents. I find some accents very sexy and some not so. The Southern drawl is quite cute there are to many to mention in the USA.

I am a sap for foreign accents. In the past few months, I have gone on dates and out with friends some from France, Norway, and Australia. There were a handful of things that I found attractive about these friends but their accents may have topped the list.

At times accents have more to do with social and cultural associations than the way foreign accents actually sound. For example, in the United States, because of our country's colonial history, we Americans tend to associate the typical British accent with high social status. And when looking for a romantic partner, status has value.

If British accents convey status, do French and Italian accents make us think of romance? There is some association about France and Paris or Italy as being kind of romantic. I like the way the words sound. It's inherently sexy to have someone say sentences in your native tongue in a slightly different and more poetic way than you would say them.

When random fellas do flirt with me, I feel like it's often the whole foreign thing, and not just the accent Many Americans myself included probably consider the French accent to be the most romantic. It conjures up images of the Eiffel Tower Wine bars and cafés near the Seine do not forget the perfume (Chanel) thats another story. For a few of my girlfriends its the Italian accent that holds that title they say the Italian accent is sexier because it has a singing aspect, she says. Italian men are kind of laid-back, very romantic and we all love a bit of romance.

In a nut shell we ladies are a sucker for the language of love. How about a conversation.

Ashley Shye xx jusqu'à la prochaine fois (until next time)