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A new addition to my Boudoir


A new addition to my Boudoir

I love dressing tables you are welcome to come and look at mine. A ladies room is never complete without a dressing table – the obsession to look good makes them inevitable. Apart from adding aesthetics to your room, it also ensures that I look good as I step out of my home.

Before I bought a dressing table, I made certain considerations. Ensuring the décor and colours in my room compliment the dressing table I would choose and that the dresser fits into the room.

Size: The width of the mirror should match the width of the dresser; this adds to the aesthetic value of the room. The height of the dressing table should fit right below your mirror. Anything different will spoil the look of the room. The size of your room will also dictate the dresser’s size (size is everything)

Storage space: I have perfumes and all girlie things I definitely need a dressing table with enough storage. I choose a dresser that has enough drawers that are large enough to keep my accessories, trinkets, etc.

Style: I wanted a dresser that represents elegance, functionality and modernity. Dressing tables also need to have a small chair or stool to sit on. You can also go for a classic piece. Contemporary dressers are the best solution for small bedrooms. If you want to go contemporary, keep it simple, but if you want to represent femininity and sensuality go for curvy shapes. I prefer Hollywood Vintage.

Functionality: Mirrors make or break a dressing table triple mirrors are fine. Flip-top mirrors are trendier. A good quality dresser which mine is has drawers that are securely joined and glide smoothly when you open them. Get a compact stool that you can easily tuck under the table when you are not using it.

Knick-knacks: Other than my jewellery boxes, perfume bottles and make-up sets, I also place visually stunning pot-pourris and scented candles on the dresser. Sexy vintage lamps and candle holders, will also make my dresser look stunning and add a distinctive Hollywood touch to the dresser and the bedroom.

Dressing tables or undressing table ?? You decide

Ashley I don’t have to be perfect to be wonderful but my dressing table can xx

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