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Winter warmers

Published: 08 March 2021

Hi Guys hope you are all keeping safe and warm the weather is unpredictable at the moment. It is getting colder so perhaps you had better start to look for something special for your nether regions they do COME in all sizes and colours, get Grandma to knit you one for your birthday.

Skin to skin

Published: 28 February 2021

i there guys hope you are staying safe and we are all wishing for normality, I have been brushing up on my massage skills not that they were not good. To be good is not enough when you dream of being great. So when it is possible Walk this way for a special massage day.

Love is in the air

Published: 21 February 2021

Guys and Gals hope you are staying safe. All this talk of flights being cancelled and not being allowed to fly to certain places. Brought back memories of some of my friends who joined the Mile High Club. Men and women who have had sex while flying in an airplane.

It's that time again

Published: 14 February 2021

Happy Valentines Hi to you romantic fools (not all of us but some) another year gone, out come the cards and pressies. I hope and look forward to seeing you on this day I definitely will be in Sexy Red underwear come and see my Fruity Booties. Anoint me with perfume you will be well rewarded.

Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble

Published: 08 February 2021

Hi Guys friends and companions feeling fruity come and take a bite of the pleasure zone. Hope every one is staying safe and missing me as I miss you.

What does the title of this blog mean I know it was something to do with a witch or it was in a fairy tale, I know my Mother said it often.

It's not so bad..

Published: 31 January 2021

Hi Friends hope you are all ok. I thought the other day I am going to relax and smooch about the house and eat yummy things after hunting about I realised there were not any Yummy things to eat so sitting on the sofa eating cheesecake was out but all was not lost I still had some Champagne a friend had brought round earlier, Yippee.

Head over heels

Published: 24 January 2021

I my lovely companions and friends hope we are all staying safe as possible. Have you heard the saying head over heels it usually means people in love but that is not the only explanation for this particular saying.

Beauty in the eye of the beholder

Published: 17 January 2021

Hi everyone hope all is as well as can be just stay safe

How many times have we been told Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, keep young and beautiful if you want to be loved and you cannot judge a book by its cover!! All things I have been told when I was younger but are still true.

Let's get Physical

Published: 10 January 2021

Hi Followers and friends its a New Year lets start it with a bang. I hope you all stayed safe, keep doing so.

New Year Wishes

Published: 02 January 2021

New Years Eve means an overdose of glow sticks and a lot of banging (fireworks). New Years Eve when guys get drunk and forget how metrosexual they look especially when wearing glowing mouse ears aah the simple joy of New Year’s Eve.

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